Luxury Lives was established as most businesses should be, there was a need discovered in the marketplace and we simply provided the solution. Owned and Managed by myself; Miss Samantha Hutchison, I developed Luxury Lives, having graduated in 2012 with a Marketing Degree (BA Hons.) from The University of Stirling I discovered a need in the market for affordable essential treatments. A group of friends and I decided to visit our local salon and begin pampering! After emailing all of the local salons in the area to ask for a package deal at a discounted rate we were offered ten to twenty per cent off the final price of our treatments.

My friends and I received basic treatments such as waxing, tanning and seeing to our "paws and claws". The bill as we left was the only downside to our visit. Astounded at the price, which was something nearer the £200.00 mark each, I decided that there must be a way in which I could receive these treatments without also receiving such a large bill?

I had enjoyed being pampered and of course the compliments that came after, I felt good about myself and it wasn't long before I began to see these treatments as "essential" monthly tasks instead of "essential" luxurious opportunities to be pampered. I couldn't afford to simply visit my local salon and pay nearly £200.00 every month and so I started to pamper myself from home! I became a sort of "patch work orange", I had inflicted a lot of pain on myself without producing excellent results and I didn't have access to the best products or the best service, in fact I had no help what so ever.

Solution time! What if I was to offer my local salon a fixed monthly income? I would receive all my treatments at a reduced price but I would pay monthly, thus ensuring the salon that they were making enough money to cover their costs and see a return in profit every month and not just the months in which there are special occasions. I saw my beauty treatments to be much like my membership to my local gym; not a necessity, a luxury that was an optional monthly cost but most definitely "essential" to me, my lifestyle and simply making it easier to feel good about myself every day. Maybe I could convince the salons to agree to such an idea if I provided them with other clients who were enthusiastic about the same package deals? That way I would ensure the salons a larger monthly income.

And so started, Luxury Lives. Your Membership Salon… Because Luxury Is Essential

Miss Samantha Hutchison x